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Paella rice Santo Tomás D.O. Valencia

Paella rice Santo Tomás D.O. Valencia
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Arroz Santo Tomás D.O. Valencia Bomba rice for paella, risotto and as a side dish.  ... more
Product information "Paella rice Santo Tomás D.O. Valencia"

Arroz Santo Tomás D.O. Valencia

Bomba rice for paella, risotto and as a side dish.
The bomba rice is a fine paella rice, a variety of the short grain rice (oryz sativa, L.) about 5.2 mm and round, which increases considerably during the cooking time.
Total weight: 500 gr.
The Arroz Bomba has a pearl-colored and consistent aspect. The Bomba rice is distinguished by its special absorption capacity of liquids, which is why the volume can double or triple.
Thus, the rice retains the flavor of the broth, similar to other Valencian varieties, with the advantage that it does not break, but arches and wrinkles ?, which gives this rice its name (abombarse => bomba). This special feature allows the rice to retain the strength, which means that the rice is always loose and not clumped. Since the Bomba rice has the capacity to increase its volume, it needs more water than other rice varieties.
Protein content: 9.5%
Ratio of broth to rice 2.5: 1
Cooking time: 20 min.
The Bomba Rice is a species which until recently had nearly died out due to its low productivity (4 tonnes per hectare) and high labor costs. The high demand led to the rebuilding of Bomba Rice.
The Arroz Bomba is one of the finest Spanish rice varieties and therefore one of the most expensive.
This rice is cultivated for the most part in the regions valencia, Seville, Murcia and Albacete.
The renowned Reisproducer Arrocerías Antonio Thomas is located in the most traditional region for rice in Europe, more specifically in the region around Valencia. It was there, about 6,000 years ago, that rice came through the Moors, who brought it from China and India. In 1283, the Aragonese King Jaime I gave orders to restrict the cultivation of rice to the area of ??the Albufera lagoon, to prevent malaria epidemics from the city. In the course of time, however, the city grew that now the rice fields reach again to the city limits. Today the landscape is known for its outstanding rice cultivation and is also the birthplace of paella. The Arrocerías Antonio Thomas rice fields are also located in the Albufera Natural Park. Each bag of rice is bearing the same name of origin DO, or from Valencia. The company maintains a privileged relationship with the rice farmers. This gives them a comprehensive control to ensure the associated inimitable quality of the raw material. This control continues even during the processing up to the finished product.

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